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A Sneak Peak of Our Bedroom with Cstudio Home

Sponsored by Cstudio Home. All opinions expressed are my own.

3 months ago, Adam and I moved into a slightly bigger home in the city. We used to live in a 950 square foot, 1 bedroom home and we LOVED it. I honestly miss it sometimes and I definitely feel more apt at decorating a small space than I do a larger one. We now live in a 1600 square foot, 2 bedroom home built in the early 1900’s. The antique, crystal doornobs and 1920’s layout of the house makes my heart pitter patter. Of course, there are always drawbacks to living in an old home. Most things have been carefully updated by past owners but other things are still creaking. Regardless, we are in love with the bones of this house.

Our bedroom is (what I consider) massive. The entrance area of the bedroom is meant to be a dressing area/living room. We haven’t ordered a couch yet but we just installed industrial shelving and are adding in wallpaper soon. Off to the side, there’s a small nook for a bed set. This is where we put our bed, side “table” chairs, and other favorite decor pieces. We’ve got three windows that bring in a ton of natural light and my favorite IKEA chandelier as a light fixture.

I feel like our home has come a long way but still needs so much more decor. I wanted to have everything in tip-top shape within a month of us moving here, but I quickly realized that wasn’t AT ALL realistic. 3 months in and we’re taking it slow. Enjoying each new change at a time.

The coziest part of our room is our new bedsheets by Cstudio Home and their Live Your Style campaign. We finally updated our 2 year old bedspread + sheets and ordered an organic comforter, organic pillows, duvet cover, and the most amazing pink/lavender hue for our bedsheets. I can’t say enough good things about the quality and feel of it all. The aesthetic is neutral with a pop of color and the feel is so comfortable! I’m not sure how much healthier I am for ordering “organic” but hey – why not. Less harmful and unnatural substances in our home is always welcomed.

Every night, Adam and I climb into bed, I turn on my essential oils diffuser and we read or watch a show or two before turning in. The best routine after a full day, if you ask me. Now that we’ve added quality bedding, consider our routine upgraded and complete!

As I mentioned before, we’ve got onneee more bedroom in this house 😉 It’s currently empty but we hope to fill it with adorable small furniture and tiny outfits one day. I think this gives Cstudio Home enough time to get started on a baby line. I’d buy it all.

Go check them out!

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