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Babies Sleep Safe X Oma Sense

Before giving birth to Holland, I worried that I wouldn’t wake up to his sounds and cries. I am (was) such a deep sleeper! My friends told me countless times,  “Don’t worry – that motherhood instinct will kick right in. You’ll wake at the drop of a pin.” But still – I doubted them. “I don’t think they REALLY understand how deep of a sleeper I am.”

Now, four months in, I can attest to how true my friends’ words were. Your body becomes a full-on protective m a c h i n e. It grew a baby, kept it alive right inside of you. It will make milk, the only thing it needs to thrive for that first year of life, and all your five senses will amplify. There is no part of Holland I can’t sense and no sound of his I can’t hear. That’s just motherhood.

Regardless of my new powers, I still live by limitations. I need to take my eyes off of him for a bit a few times a day whether it be to run to the bathroom, take the dog out, etc. We’re pretty attached at the hip by day, but nighttime is a different story. And I especially fear that nighttime stretch away from him. I *need* the sleep! What momma doesn’t. And I don’t just need any kind of sleep, I need a good… deep night’s rest. I’m sure that I will never be back to that deep sleep I used to enjoy, but with Levana’s Oma Sense Movement Monitor I’ve enjoyed a sleep VERY close to that. The peace of mind an extra set of “eyes” can give via technology is worth every penny! I wish I would’ve had this since day 1, but better late than never, for sure.

Oma Sense attaches to your baby’s bottoms or buttoned sleepers either sideways or facing downward (see pictures for reference) and it monitors baby’s movements to make sure baby is getting a restful sleep without issues or complications. Like SIDS, to name one. As your baby’s belly rises and falls with each breath, the Oma Sense knows your baby’s okay. Oma Sense is made with medical grade materials in Canada. What I love about the Oma Sense is how advanced of a mechanism it houses. This product uses a patented algorithm called WakeUp™ Technology that is used to stimulate baby and encourage the return of regular movement. This is an advantage as most other movement monitors strictly notify the parent, without attempting to solve the issue. If the monitor detects NO movement, it’ll first vibrate and ring to try and get a rise out of your baby. If it doesn’t detect a movement after that, you’ll get a blaring alarm signaling that there may be a problem. ANDDD you’ll hear it. Trust me!

The Oma Sense is portable. It comes in a clear, shell casing for easy transport and lives on a battery. The life of the Oma Sense battery is long! But you’ll get two batteries with each purchase for easy replacement. It’s meant to be used from 0-6 months when the risk of SIDS is greater and peaks. Giving you an extra set of eyes to help you not even think twice about any nighttime worries you may have.

Another thing I love about the Oma Sense is it’s price tag! There are several competitors out there, but the Oma Sense proves extremely affordable alongside it’s great technology. No need to break the bank! And I officially petition that every hospital send a mom home with one of these! Until then, be sure to check out Oma Sense here.

Let me know what you think and how well it works for you! Be sure to e-mail or DM me over at instagram with any questions. Happy Shopping!

This post was sponsored by Levana. You can find more info about the Oma Sense at! As always, all opinions and thoughts expressed are only ever my very own 🙂

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