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Holland is about to turn 7 months! Can’t believe it. We first started using the Summer Infant baby bather when he was 4 months old! We’ve tried different products to help us get through that slippery bath time, but my favorite are always the ones that are comfortable for Holland and easy on my back!


How often do you guys bathe your babies? We started out at once a week and then moved on to twice a week and we’re currently doing 3-4 times a week! We’re still not doing bath time every day, but… we’ll get there, haha.

The Summer Infant® Clean Rinse™ Baby Bather grows with baby from birth until sitting up unassisted. Holland isn’t sitting up unassisted yet so we’ve got plenty of time left to enjoy this bather! It can be used in 3 locations; on the counter (as pictured above), in the sink, and in the tub.

The Clean Rinse bather features a 3-position recline with easy adjust buttons which is sooo good for my back, and folds flat for storage. Bathing on the countertop not only brings baby closer to mom and dad but is hassle-free. The bather is designed to allow water to flow easily into the sink and keep countertop dry. Plus, the quick-dry soft material provides maximum comfort and easy cleaning while helping to prevent mold & mildew.

Holland’s skin is sooo sensitive! That truly surprised me because Adam and I are super low maintenance when it comes to what our skin allows us to put on it, but we really have to be careful with Holland. Even things that are made for extra sensitive skin will sometimes give him a burn… ugh, so sad! Our bath time routine involves an organic, chemical free soap, essential oils, sometimes a candle (for mama), and lots of toys and giggles! My favorite bath times are the ones where we bathe together. I love the bonding time skin-to-skin creates and, since we’re no longer nursing, we still get that through bath time. This bather has made it soo easy and comfortable. I can lay him in it without having to prop him up with my legs the whole time, haha, and so that gives me a much needed rest to relax and enjoy this time!


Our bather will be used until we’ve reached the maximum weight capacity of 20lbs! He’s currently a whopping 16, haha, so we DEFINITELY have some time. Countertop has a maximum weight of 13lbs. It comes in three colors: Aqua, Pink, and Gray. We went with Aqua!

What’s your bath time routine with your littles? What products have helped you? Leave me a comment below or leave a comment on my instagram here.

This post was sponsored by Summer Infant. You can check out their instagram here + find more info about Summer Infant and their bather here! As always, all opinions and thoughts expressed are only ever my very own 🙂

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