Holland’s First Christmas Present X Monti Kids

Christmas time is SO much better when you’ve got a little one to share it with, or is that just me? The beautiful, holiday lights around the city, the festive decorations in our home, and an overall feeling of unity everywhere we go. I love celebrating the holidays together and it’s amplified so much more now that we’re a family of 3!

Everyone else has been pretty easy to shop for but I racked my brain with Holland. I wanted to get him something useful and special. Something he can use NOW but won’t grow out of in a quick few weeks. I know Holland won’t remember this Christmas but we believe it’s still just as significant. We wanted to make sure he was equally and thoughtfully included with everyone!

After weeks of research and trying to gather inspiration from my friends, I came across Monti Kids on YouTube. I saw this video and instantly realized it was exactly what I’ve been looking for! Monti Kids is a learning-based subscription that is founded on the principles and philosophy of the Montessori curriculum. The first few years are a critical stage of our baby’s development and, like any mom, I want to make the most of it. Because 85% of the brain is fully formed by age 3, I make it a priority to read to him often, talk and play, and to be out and about taking in and assimilating to new experiences as often as we can. I try to do the very best I can to make sure he has everything he needs now to be his very best later!

Having a subscription like this is helping me add a new layer of age-appropriate stimulation through engaging, educational play. Monti Kids is research based and they’ve done allll the work for me! The Monti Kids curriculum is broken up into levels 1-8 spanning across the ages of 0-36 months. Each level consists of a box filled with toys that are age appropriate and help your child learn whatever skill they’re ready for next! They send me all the toys we’ll need each quarter, explain the purpose of each toy, and tell me exactly when to introduce Holland to it! 

They’ve also got an amazing guide with short videos on how to introduce the materials in each box, and they have an array of free online classes with an online community moderated by child development experts. It has truly taken the guesswork out of how to help his brain develop best through mere play! We are currently on level 2! The perfect Christmas gift for him… and maybe also a little for me!  

Our level 2 Monti Kids box has: a wooden book with adorable animals on each page. 9 rattles that will aim to help his grasp, coordination, and body control. A beautiful set of 24 wooden blocks to help him develop spatial awareness and, over time, artistic imagination. And a dining set with placemat, fork, spoon, silicon bowl, and 2 cups. It’s all enough to keep us very occupied! Holland is starting to grasp, have more eye-hand coordination, and eat purees so I can definitely attest to how perfectly suited and helpful this box is for his current stage of development.

We’ll get the next box when Holland is 7 months old with a new set of toys and things to learn for both of us. 

One of my favorite traits about this subscription is that these toys are high-quality and wooden! They’ll last you way longer than you might need them and many, I’m sure, will become heirlooms in our home. His current favorite is the square rattle and the circle rattle he’s holding in the second picture! VERY teething friendly, hehe. 

I love watching him play and learn. He’s very dedicated and focused on what he does and I swear Holland does that exact same mouth thing that Adam does when he’s in deep concentration, haha! It’s just so sweet to watch him achieve and gain something new and I especially love that I can give him toys that are made with intention and are socially conscious! 

To learn more about Monti Kids and sign up for YOUR subscription, you can visit their website here. And be sure to keep up with them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as well! If you have any questions, send me a DM over at my Instagram! I’d love to help.

Happy shopping!

This post was sponsored by Monti Kids. You can find more info about Monti Kids at www.montikids.com! As always, all opinions and thoughts expressed are only ever my very own 🙂

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