On Love

How Adam and I Met

The first time I saw Adam, he was coming into the front entrance of the house I used to live in. I turned around and there he was! I stared at him while he took his gloves and beanie off to shake my hand and thought to myself, “I already know you.” I stood in front of him, said, “hi, nice to meet you,” but felt like we had known each other forever.

We were both on dates with someone else that night, and met while he was picking my friend and I up for a double date. The whole night I felt upside down. I know him, but I just met him. He’s with someone else but I already feel like he’s with me.

Adam and I ended up being friends for 9 months before we dated. We played cards together, video games, soccer… saw plays together, movies, went to museums. He taught me how to play the piano & I taught him how to drink whiskey. We sled in the snow, ran miles together at 6am in the biter cold… We laughed about a million times, took endless buzzfeed quizzes, I taught him how to dress, We told each other embarrassing truths about ourselves. We built a full friendship.

For months I noticed how Adam would look at me, how he would slyly try to impress me or do something to show me he liked me, but I never responded back. There was a giant part of me that already knew we’d end up together so I didn’t feel the need to rush anything, and I didn’t want our relationship to end up like some of the past ones I had. I wanted to be friends, not just people who liked each other. I dated other men and he dated other women and we built our friendship in between. I watched as we became more than just feelings for each other, and I listened as my feelings would sometimes turn around, look at me, and say, “This is why people get married.”

9 months later, we finally went on THAT date: to a carnival. He won a green stuffed frog that we named, “tad pole” because we’re lame. That same date I became his girlfriend. I’ve never looked back.

We took our relationship as slow as we could. Held hands but no kissing. Didn’t ride in the same car together for the first several months (the reason being I didn’t want to even though all my friends told me I was weird). We started kissing at month 4? 5? And we got engaged at month 6.5! It was fast from the outside looking in, but when you’ve known you wanted to marry someone 5 minutes after you started dating, 6.5 months feels like a lifetime.

Every year we recreate that double date from the first day I met him, except now it’s OUR date. We go to the same pizza place and we go ice skating. tonight – that’s where you’ll find us! It’s our very own holiday.

And Adam, since I know you’re reading this – you are forever my favorite, “hi, nice to meet you.”

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  • Reply Bailey

    It was a privilege to be a third wheel that summer.

    November 30, 2016 at 11:55 pm
    • Reply Monika

      OMG YES. Relationship creds: bailey

      December 1, 2016 at 2:40 am

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