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My Registry Must Haves

Now that the baby shower is over, I want to go back a bit and share what was on my registry. It was so fun to put together a little wardobe and decorate a nursery. As I was adding things to the registry, I’d daydream of the baby playing with that toy, putting on that cute outfit, putting him in that fun gear… Truly, experiencing mom hood for the first time is idyllic and anxious. You don’t know what you’re doing but you’re in awe of it all.

As a first time mom, I’ve had to research and google basically everything AT LENGTH. Anything from my body’s physical changes, to caring for a newborn, newborn daily routines (to get an idea), down to the specifics of everything I may need to get before he arrives. I’m not someone who enjoys not knowing how to, but I’m learning it’s all part of the journey. Over the last six months, I’ve become a little more accustomed to the feeling of not knowing everything but also learned a lot along the way! Funny how that happens.

I was very meticulous with putting together our baby registry. Adam and I are minimalists (most  of the time) so I definitely knew I didn’t want clutter, extras, or unnecessary anything. I also opted for products that were high quality… so that they *fingers crossed* last through multiple children. And, OF COURSE, I wanted them to be a certain aesthetic… because well… I’m me, and I’ve never liked the super obnoxious, rainbow-threw-up-on-it, baby items. Maybe you do and that’s great! But it never hurts to have something useful AND pretty that can *fingers crossed* fit in with your home decor… I call that jackpot.

Here are the items that made the cut for us! I hope it makes your research a little easier and less stressful. And above everything, that you feel… prepared 🙂

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