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Our Doorbell Doesn’t Work

We were going to move into a different house, at first, but that house didn’t feel right to me. Everytime I was in it, I had a bad feeling about it. I kept pushing the feeling aside thinking I was just being difficult but the feeling felt more like an alarm.

The day we were supposed to commit to the house… I stood in front of the door, clutched the signed contract I put off signing for weeks, took a deep breath, and briskly walked back to my car. I called my husband and told him everything and he strongly advised me to call the owner and say we weren’t going to take it. “But we don’t have a back up plan, where are we going to live? What if we don’t find anything in time? And plus it’s just a FEELING” He said, “Trust me and just call the owner.” I bravely {texted} the owner saying, “Sorry! We aren’t going to take it. Thanks for your time!” The worst text ever… and he texted me back with a few, uh, choice words. (I don’t blame him).

I drove over to another neighborhood and saw a little house with gargoyle statues peeking out on each corner of the roof. “Those gargoyle’s have got to go, but what a cute house. I want this house.” Something about the neighborhood felt like home. The air, the sounds,… I called the number and we moved in. The gargoyles are still up there.

I don’t know what would have happened if we would’ve moved into the other house, but I’m glad we didn’t. A home is what you make of it and this is the home we’ve made:




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