Our Spring Day X born free

We took a little trip to the botanical gardens this past weekend! It was our very first weekend without rain and with actual, spring temperatures! It made my heart soar. When I was pregnant with Holland, I dreamed of all the spring, summer, fall activities we’d get to do (once he got past the sleep all day phase) and I’m so excited we can finally chip away at some of that and make some special family memories!

We brought our nisa playard by born free along on our botanical gardens trip. There are several things I love about the nisa: the price point, the aesthetic is minimal, colors are neutral and muted (my favorite), and the style looks and feels very high quality. It’s sooo roomy! We brought along some of Holland’s toys to keep him entertained while Adam and I chatted right next to him and he did so well!

It was his first time in a playard but he looked comfortable and just crawled around everywhere, definitely stayed occupied. I can totally see this playard being a lifesaver at a family gathering, picnic outing, or while traveling! It’s great for indoor as well and would be so helpful if I need to get something done and keep Holland contained, haha, which is basically every minute of the day honestly. It’s not too bulky + Adam raved about how easy it was to open and close.

Once we got Holland settled in, Adam and I were able to sit down and enjoy the sights. We had that beautiful, big magnolia tree right above us and a field of roses right in front of us with a huge fountain display in the middle! The birds were chirping and it wasn’t crowded so we got to enjoy that part of the garden all to ourselves for a bit. Eventually, Holland kept calling us to talk to him so we were able to see right through the mesh and talk a bit. It was so cute. He kept squealing and reaching for the side of the playard and then crawling to the other side to play alone for a bit until his next “check-in” with us.

You can see in the pic above! He’s just kind of like, “hey, I’m interrupting your conversation because I’d like to know what sound a lion makes again. I like roaring with you.” haha!

We just had so much fun! Can’t wait to do it all over again next weekend! I think we’ll try some fruit picking. What are you guys planning?

This post was sponsored by born free. You can check out their instagram here + find more info about born free and their many different products here! As always, all opinions and thoughts expressed are only ever my very own 🙂

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