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Securing Our Home with a Newborn X Ring

Bringing Holland home for the first time felt so overwhelming! We were no longer in the cushy comforts of 100 nurses and doctors teaching us and helping us care for me and this little being. I definitely felt like I didn’t know much but one thing was for sure, I wanted to create a safe, nurturing environment for our baby.

While pregnant, I made sure to deep clean and organize every nook and cranny in our home! I designed and decorated every corner of his little nursery. But the one thing we were missing was a home security system. We live in the city… something Adam and I have stayed ADAMANT about. We love the hustle and bustle of our city, wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world, but living in such a densely populated area leaves us vulnerable to a higher chance for crime. Protecting our baby – what is most valuable to us – was something I needed to feel in control of.

I searched high and low for a home security system that fit our needs but I quickly found that between their equipment, installation, and monitoring costs it was all so expensive! Not to even mention the 1-2 year contracts we were required to sign (with more “one-time” fees for signing). I think home security companies know that we will do and probably pay ANYTHING to protect was is ours… but why should protecting your home and family be SO expensive? Why should you be roped in to all sorts of non-negotiable fees and contracts? I almost gave up! Until I found Ring.

Ring isn’t like any other home security system. We installed it 2 weeks ago and we’re nothing but happy with every aspect of this system! It’s not just a system that alarms you if there’s an intrusion, but you get audio/video surveillance as well! I get to SEE what’s going on, not just hear about it. Their technology and equipment is top of the line. With Ring, we’ve got every window protected, motion sensors that cover the major areas of our home, a video doorbell with a live view to see who’s at the door or in case I want to take a peak at what’s going on around the front of our home, a camera on the side of our home, and another one covering our garage and the backyard. Every inch of our home outside is monitored and recorded with a camera view, and every inch of our home inside is protected with sensors! I also love being able to use the app and control everything straight from my phone, whether I’m at home or across the country. Being someone that needs to feel in control, Ring helps me do just that. We feel absolutely safe in this big city of ours.


It’s SO great to know that we don’t compromise quality and advanced technology when we pay LESS than other competitors. Their equipment was so affordable and included is a customer representative helping you customize the kind of system you need to give you all-around protection. Their monitoring costs less than $10 dollars a month! And NO CONTRACTS! Cancel anytime. The kind of quality and cost you get with Ring is unheard of! It shouldn’t be hard or expensive to protect your most prized possessions. Ring knows that and they’ve made it happen!

Caring for a newborn is not as overwhelming now that we’re a month in, but we still have SO much to learn. Between the spit-ups, diaper changes, constant feedings (Holland eats A TON), and everything in between, our minds are spent. I always say, “we’re the busiest, we’re the happiest. We’re the sleepiest, we’re the happiest.” And I’m not sure when we’ll stop saying that! It’s been such a fun adventure and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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