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Adam has always been a huge fan of wood watches. In fact, for our wedding, he gave the groomsmen a wood watch as a gift, but it was nothing compared to this JORD wood watch. The watch he gave them actually cost us 20 dollars each (OH THE SHAME). Sorry, guys. We didn’t know any better.

When I found JORD wood watches, I KNEW that I would be voted in as wife of the year (despite my cooking) if I bought him one for Christmas. I scoured their website for days trying to figure out which one he’d like best. There’s a huge selection and they’re all amazing depending on your style. There are styles for minimalists, what I constantly see businessmen wear, and for the fashion forward.

I kept the watch a surprise and presented it to him on Thanksgiving and told him how grateful I was for him (and HIS cooking). He was floored. I think I heard him whisper, “my precious” to it and, he would never admit this, but I swear he was trying to find ways to show his watch to everyone at dinner without looking like a brag. I saw him use his left hand considerably more than usual, “Oh my watch? Oh this? Yeah it’s new.” I’m on to him.

I think this watch has replaced me in Adam’s heart. Go check out their website! I’ve got some links for you below that you can click and follow. I’m also doing a giveaway with them VERY SOON so follow my blog to stay tuned. AND absolutely click on the Black Friday sales link. You can get your very own “my precious” JORD wood watch for your loved one at a fraction of the cost. No Black Friday Sale can ever top that.

Happy Shopping everyone!

Visit Adam’s Watch Here:
Visit the Black Friday sales here:

Visit the Men’s Shop here:
Visit the Women’s Shop here:

This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches.

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