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The Day We Got Married

July 18th was a beautiful, sunny day in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. All of my friends and family travelled from all over to witness the best day of my life. We stayed in historic, rental homes and hotels built in the 50’s that boasted of ghost hauntings and crystal ball rooms. The small town had winding roads nestled in hills and it was built by the ancestors of the people who still lived there. We spent a whole week before my wedding in that beautiful little town. I was nervous, excited, terrified, stressed, and the happiest. My best friend and I had more margaritas than ever, and Adam and I did that dance that all couples do before their wedding: seeing each other, but trying not to see each other for too long.

I found our little chapel on pinterest. I never thought I’d get married in my dream place, but Adam being Adam insisted we do, no matter what. We wanted to invite 300+ people to our wedding, but the chapel only had a max capacity of 120, so we invited our closest 120. It made it beautiful and tiny and ours. I have always been in love with the woods. And I knew that inside this glass chapel in the middle of the woods, I was where I was supposed to be standing in front of who I was meant to be with.

We are forever grateful that our friends and family helped make our dream a true dream by traveling hours and days and many plane rides to make it happen. My family lives in Texas, California, and several parts of Mexico, and Adam’s family lives in Illinois and Tennessee. We all travelled. I’m grateful for the love that was shown to us and the sacrifice that was made. When I look back on our wedding day, it feels like a day Adam and I got everything that we wanted… especially coming out of it sharing a last name.

I made a whopping four moves as a fiancee: 1. picked the groom, 2. picked my wedding dresses, 3. picked our photographer, and 4. picked our wedding venues — My mother t h a n k f u l l y did everything, everything else. She chose our menu options, picked our color scheme, designed our table cloths and personalized our napkins/champagne flutes (her idea). She purchased in bulk and, with the help of a few of her friends, designed and put together our flower arrangements. She envisioned my wedding day out of a few Pinterest pictures I sent her. And I am so so grateful. I would have been too stressed to think straight, and I got to just enjoy being engaged. I’m glad I have a mom who cares about decor and design because I just wanted to say, “I do.”

There were a few things that didn’t go as planned, but there was too much adrenaline and excitement to care. The wedding party and I walked down the aisle to a song I feel captured our story, “Turning Page” by Sleeping At Last and Adam and I danced to: “La Vie En Rose” by Louis Armstrong for the first time as a married couple. All I kept thinking about while we danced was our beginning, our middle, and this new beginning. We had an amazing dating relationship that was pure and fun and adventurous. We didn’t kiss for the first 4 or 5 months, and we didn’t share a bed until we were husband and wife. Those were our values. And while we danced as husband and wife, in front of all of our friends and family, I just felt so grateful for all of the small little moves orchestrated throughout the course of our lives that lead us to God, that lead us to the same church, that lead us to the same job, and that lead us to each other.

After all the speeches were made and the dancing was done, we said goodbye to our family and friends. In the morning, we went off to honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico andddd ended up in the ER a few days later.

I will definitely tell you the terrifying and hilarious story soon….. with pictures, too 😉


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