On Love

We Hiked Down Memory Lane

Adam and I got engaged in these woods on March 13th, 2015. We went this morning and took our two dogs. We have a 14 month old Irish Setter (Hudson) and an almost one year old perfect mutt (Harper). We tried to keep up with our dogs, but they seemed hard wired for hiking. I felt incredibly out of shape (a.k.a – FAT) in comparison to these fur creatures. We stopped at a few sights and took some photos, and we talked about the day we got engaged.

The day he proposed, Adam had my friends blindfold me and take me to my favorite space in these woods. OF COURSE, I knew what was coming. I made sure I had the perfect outfit, hair, shoes… but I pretended to be surprised and just casually and, in no way related, perfectly ready for this occasion. He led me down the side of a cliff a few minutes before sunset. It overlooked train tracks below, the forest all around us, and the sky above us was a beautiful hue. He strung some lights all around the trees next to the cliff and made sure a photographer was there to capture the moment (smart man). I don’t remember a word he said to me before he asked me to marry him. I was so nervous and I felt the magnitude of what was coming. I knew I wanted to marry him a mere month after we started dating, and in this moment, I felt all the hope of that desire coming true.

Once we started dating, I realized pretty quickly that we were going to stick. No matter what. In a confidence that even if he would have grown up in Thailand and I would have grown up in Alaska, we would have somehow met and fallen in love more quickly than is probably the norm.

A few years before our engagement, I read about a scientist who went as far as to attribute love at first sight due to biochemical make up. That, in some way, our chemical composition will attract us to people. Something we don’t have much control over based on our hormones and other biological structures. I never thought that was true but, when I met Adam, I started to understand it a little… because even before he said a word to me, I felt drawn to him. As if some sort of invisible string connected us. Needless to say, Adam and I had the click – from the very first glance, it seemed. A kind of click that couldn’t be unclicked (even though I honestly really tried). I hated his puns (they made him look so uncool), I did NOT appreciate 99% of his outfits, and I felt like he flirted with everyone and everything. “He thinks he’s SO charming,” I would think, “ugh, he is.” And I would seriously go over and interrupt any conversation he had with a girl, ahaha. No shame.

I think we’ll hike here more often. ANDDD I’m really hoping Hudson stops barking at every one because of his SERIOUS “pet me right now, this moment” needs. Oh god. On our way back to the car, Adam asked me, “do you think our kids will embarrass us this much?” To which I replied – “Have you met us? I count on it.”







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  • Reply Casey AM

    This post warmed my heart. I feel the same way about my man. 🙂

    November 14, 2016 at 9:06 pm
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