We Went To The ER On Our Honeymoon


We purchased our honeymoon vacation through a travel agent and made sure she included an all-inclusive resort (so we can eat all we want at no extra cost). This resort had over 10 different restaurants, 4 buffets, a copious amount of pool bars, and a private beach… wifi not included (cause you can’t have it all).

I know honeymoons are typically for um… spending time alone together, but Adam and I both wanted to really enjoy the city we were visiting as well. We booked our days with excursions and sight seeing. We beach kayaked, snorkeled, explored caves, zip lined, rode ATVs, visited a zoo and an aquarium, and made friends at the beach. We went to the mall, some historic places, and some local restaurants. We tried to do it all. And if you know ANYTHING about us and how we vacation, we always try to do it all.

Around evening of the second to the last day of our honeymoon, Adam and I went to a Brazilian steak house. On our way back to the room, Adam started lagging… walking slowly. He started complaining of stomach pain and I could see his lips and face grow pale. AND MY HUSBAND IS A GINGER,… frankly, he’s already pale. But then the vomiting came. SO MUCH VOMITING. In sickness and in health came way sooner than we thought.

At around 2am, Adam started weakly mumbling and dozing off while standing so I immediately called our resort medic. I frantically told her everything I thought was wrong with him as she examined him. She gave him a shot and said his intestines were swollen and could rupture if we didn’t take him to the ER. So there we were, at 3am, in a cab rushing to the nearest ER faster than I really think was safe. While en route to the hospital at god knows how many kilometers per hour, and the wind and my hair blowing in my face because our cab had no AC, I stopped to look at my passed out husband. I remember thinking, “oh my god, I’m going to be one of those “wife loses her husband while on their honeymoon” buzzed articles.”

We got to the hospital. They admitted him and told us that if their strongest medicine didn’t work, they might have to pursue a surgical alternative. They gave him their strongest stuff and it worked! for 4 hours… Then the sickness came back with a vengeance. I walked alone at 5am to the nearest pharmacy (6 blocks away) to get him a medicine they were hoping might work in conjunction with the one he was already being given. Let me JUST tell you. A woman in a short dress (cause it’s our honeymoon and ALL I brought with me were super skimpy clothing) walking alone through the streets of Mexico…. just… no *facepalm* I finally get to the pharmacy (thank God I didn’t get lost) and bring it back to the hospital. In retrospect, I could have probably tipped a nurse to go get it for us, maybe? But when you’re in the middle of mayhem, you just do whatever you’re told. You do first, you think later.

Thankfully, the medicine did the trick. We spent the last full day of our honeymoon just resting back in our room. Wondering what exactly happened.

A few weeks after being back from our honeymoon, I read a CDC warning to all US citizens traveling to Mexico and it’s surrounding islands that the CILANTRO was FILLED with parasites! AHHHHH. This had to have been it. We filed a complaint with the resort and they offered to give us a free week. But there was no way we’d ever go back there. Not even for free.

Looking back on that story, we laugh. Honestly. Picture a frantic me, phoning the help desk because there’s vomit all over our room. We JUST had sex this week for the first time and now I’m fearing for his life. Adam is mumbling all sorts of half sentences and falling asleep everywhere. I literally have to semi-carry him down the stairs at one point… I mean the whole thing was nuts. Our first vacation together… half amazing, half a nightmare. We go big, no?

But tell me! What would be your reaction if you were in our position? Anything hilarious happen to you on a family vacation?

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